Ep30: Wet and Wild

Is it just us or is it gettin’ ‘Hot in Herre’? 

In episode 30, Katherine and Krista talk about sensuality versus sexuality and whether we have to have one to have the other. The gals explore all the ways sensuality enhances their experience of life and how the vulnerability of sharing themselves in this way is scary even though it’s the only sure fire way to experience deeper intimacy.  

Do you get turned on with red velvet and rose petals? Or are floggers and cuffs more your flavor? Trying to guess what someone will like can actually have us tripping over land mines. See which one Krista exposes.

The topic of how to turn up the heat for their men really get the gals wondering! They stumble onto a shared passion they have both previously provided for their men. And, Katherine weighs in on sensuality and the single life, keeping things hot and holy as always. 

Krista Kims01