Ep29: Opening

In episode 29, The gals discuss why it feels like some men seem to have a magic wand to opening them and in other situations even a crowbar wouldn't do the trick!! Katherine and Krista talk about the 7 important male archetypes from the juicy book “Open Her,” by Karen Brody. They reflect on how men in their past relationships embodied certain archetypes creating a safe space to feel “open” to intimacy and sex, while with other men they found themselves clamping their legs together like a mouse trap!

This podcast is for you if you are a man who can’t seem to figure out why your woman is giving you the cold shoulder OR if you are a woman who can’t quite figure out why your va jay jay is sayin’ the no no!

Did someone say emotional masturbation? Well, Katherine did! Listen and find out why!

Is your man The Poet or The Dark Knight? The Director or the Sage? Explore these traits with the gals from Holy Fuck learn what it is that will open YOU to more sex, joy and intimacy. And buy this book! It’s a must read!

Krista Kims01