Ep31: Power Coupling

Is sex the answer? 

In Episode 31, The gals explore whether sex is just a fuckfest or if it’s really the key to opening the door to your highest intelligence.

Krista and Katherine talk about the hot topic of sexual transmutation and what it takes to do the deed. Are you just spreading your seed to the wind or are you using your powerful sexual energies to tap into your genius and your ability to create?

They explore how to focus sexual energy to manifest success while NOT sacrificing  lots of hot and holy sex! Katherine is so fucking inspired by this topic that she’s figured out how to harness her sexy energy for creating, even while she’s single. Krista on the other hand, explores whether her and Golden Eyes will be able to transmute their motherfucking journey into genius.

The gals shift the emphasis from traditional male and female relationships (think husband and wife) to the masculine and feminine energies that show up in all types of partnerships. Tune in to find out the three vital components to this passionate entry point to your highest mind. Is this kind of sexual partnership the new think tank?

Find out how fostering your relationship with your lover can inspire your genius to new heights and how discarding the person who gave you the gift of sexual life force can be the undoing of your genius. 

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