Ep26: Fuck Letting Go

In episode 26, The gals lean in as last week’s episode on “letting go” begins to get real. Katherine’s commitment to letting go creates an opportunity for listeners to see her experience of anxiety and separation from Spirit as growing pains of her spiritual expansion. Katherine and Krista demonstrate what happens when “two or more are gathered” in this healing. They reference the story of the life of Jesus and his connection to Mary Magdalene as an example of spiritual healing and personal connection with God.

The gals also discuss the deeper context of the title “Holy Fuck.” It’s not just about sex but applying the “holy” perspective to the “fucking” challenges of everyday life. Katherine notices that her own father’s anxiety in his later years could possibly have been connected to his never having let go and therefore never having known there was a “universal net” that will always catch us when we leap. This is the faith part ya’ll.

Krista Kim