Ep25: LET GOd

In episode 25, the gals are excited for the potential of the New Year but realize that “letting go”  is essential to manifesting their dreams. How do you let go you might ask??? Well, the gals discuss their own opportunities and experiences, giving some guidelines to this somewhat elusive concept. They invite listeners to reflect on their own mis-beliefs, judgments, stories, and forgiveness opportunities as they take on letting go in their own lives. Learn the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono and how Katherine intends to use it.

In a previous episode Katherine honored and brought forgiveness to a past relationship. The story continues to unfold with a “serendipitous” reconnection after many years of estrangement from a past love. Who will this mystery man be?

Speaking of mystery men, through her own exploration of letting go, Krista reconnects with an important man from her past. Having done his own work he arrives on the scene available and ready to commit. Will she be able to let go of her past hurts and judgments?

Krista Kim