Ep: 34 Revenge Angel Style

Revenge...Is it sweet or does it eventually bite you in the ass? 

Have you ever wanted someone else to hurt as much as you are hurting? Yep, like that! The little town of Ojai, CA is just the place to test your spiritual fortitude! Whether it’s the second grade teacher in the car next to you or the person you DON’T want to see, chances are that’s the ONLY person you WILL see on your walk! You’re Spirit Guides are showing you that’s the one person you need to heal with! Some will choose a gunslinger strategy like Hatfields and McCoys (shooting across Main Street) while others will be more aligned with peace building (like K & K are trying desperately to do.)

The Gals find themselves saying phrases like… “It’s not fair! Why me? Why won’t he go away? What did I do to deserve this???” It is easy to see the victim story come alive and it’s so understandable to want to hurt someone who hurts us. But it’s a lie ya’ll. K & K talk about powerlessness, gossip, and withholding sex as a type of revenge. Are you punishing your loved ones in order to have more power? The Gals know these temptations all too well! These responses feel good for a minute or two, but then they keep you in the fight! Katherine clearly relates after 10 years of ‘going around’ with a person in her life and Krista begins to look inside herself for where her projection and self-judgment is hiding as she demonstrates her real desire to find peaceful power, not against-ness and blame. 

 Find out what she uncovers (even though it is hard to say) and discover real forgiveness, the type of forgiveness that ends with The Gals saying “thank you” for showing them their own wounds, helping them heal into the more loving women they are today. So much so that K and K send a special message of gratitude to the men in their lives for all the love they have shared and received. This is Spiritual Gangsta work at its finest.

Krista Kim