Ep28: Pro-Creating With Spirit

Deciding between a new baby or a house remodel? Or maybe pondering the fulfillment of your life’s purpose? 

Well, in episode 28, Katherine and Krista reveal that they are deciding whether they want to have a baby. Well, maybe not an actual baby but making it sexy definitely makes it much more fun to contemplate and adds some juicy bits to the conversation! 

 How do you know what you want? Yes or No? Stay or Go? Argh… the waiting is the hardest part! Sometimes you just gotta’ stop and get out of your own way- ya know?

Krista and Katherine discuss their experiences in the pre-manifestation stage of pro-creation, connecting with what is truly meaningful rather than the idea of what you ‘Should’ do. 

 Each share their own powerful experiences and how this practice of Co-Creation changed the way they approach new projects. This way of being is about asking and listening, being in the question of what wants to be birthed, and bringing your heart’s desires from imagination to reality. 

And that is much more fun than choosing from “should” and then “trying” to get excited about it later. Like, have you ever dated someone you “should” like only to have it be a total bust? (You “should” want sex because you are super horny but Sex is definitely off the table because it feels like a chore?) Yeah, like that…

This is about receptivity. This is about listening. This is love in action and Spirit in motion. Something always comes. However, it’s usually NOT what you were THINKING about. Far from it… 

And since K and K created Holy Fuckthis way, this podcast has turned into an actual thing! Imagination to reality- fun, heartfelt, and exciting too! They had no idea what they were doing and yet, they are having fun and exploring this Spirit inspired adventure without a map. Everyday. 

Hold on to your hats. It’s a wild ride and definitely worth it. 

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