Ep24: Holy Fuck! It's The Holidays!

In episode 24, the gals MIGHT offer you the Top Ten Tips for a Happy Holiday, which you MIGHT be hoping would include excess and splurging in every direction. And yes, that often leads to lots of sex! (Some great, some regrettable!)

Instead, as the gals are prone to do, they are going to invite you to another holiday party plan. 

Whether you are single with older children (like Katherine and Krista), coupled, or with kids, recently widowed or have lost your parents this year (as Katherine has), the Gals are stepping into it in a new way and sharing their own journeys as a way to keep you from feeling alone, resentful and disconnected. Instead, you will get the opportunity to discover YOUR perfect holiday.

Listen to find out what the gals discover about staying in the party all the way, and making your holiday dreams come true. 

And, don’t worry. With this plan, you can still do all the things you love; eat, drink, be merry and have lots of sex ~ we just want you in the center of your own party while you are thoroughly enjoying yourself in every way. 

Krista Kim