Ep23: Slow the Fuck Down

In episode 23, Katherine and Krista open up the conversation of self-worth and how it relates to dating. Krista realizes her level of self-worth was creating a relationship with Rico Suave that matched her at the exact level at which she was valuing herself. Ouch! This helps her recognize why that iteration of the relationship needed to come to an end. As Krista’s checks in with her values and gets more clear on her worth, she immediately begins to create a different experience for herself in the dating world. During this exploration Katherine notices some differences between men and women that might also be a source of misunderstanding as all of this unfolds. What happens when Krista stays in her integrity? Will she get what she desires and can she even overcome her insecurities to actually receive it? Let’s just say her sexy, first date is the perfect opportunity for her to practice! 

Krista Kim