Ep21: C'est La Morte

This episode might not be the sexiest but it’s definitely the most controversial. In episode 21, Katherine discusses the passing of her mother and the ways in which her mother affected her decision making in her first marriage. As the story twists and turns, Katherine has a huge awareness that she decides to share publicly for the first time. This is a very hot-button topic and it’s sure to raise some eyebrows, but the gals navigate it from the most authentic, soul-centered perspective, demonstrating how masterful they are at the skills of spiritual psychology. See how Katherine’s self-honoring choice regarding a past decision created shame that has been waiting 25 years to be healed. Observe how Krista invites Katherine into the process of self-forgiveness, creating a powerful, healing moment that frees Katherine from her hurtful, self-judgments.

Krista Kim