Ep19: Messy Meltdown

In episode 19, the gals draw inspirtation from a touching poem by Christopher John Stubbs that speaks to men in a message of how to BE with their women during times of distress. As Katherine returns from an out of town visit with Mr. C, previously disclosed in last week’s episode “Long Distant Lovin', we will find out why this poem is the perfect fit. Find out if the skinny dipping and snuggling made for a sexy weekend or whether Katherine and Mr. C's plan to protect themselves put a wet blanket over the sizzle. Did Mr. C run or hold when Katherine’s “stuff” triggered her into a messy meltdown from the stories about "feeling ignored?" Do women really want men to save us from ourselves? Find out what the secret ingredient to connection was as Krista doesn't let Katherine escape the conversation without divulging the juicy deets!!!

Krista Kim