Ep: 33 Transatlantic Sexting

In episode 33 Katherine discusses how inspired she got from the podcast on Sexual Transmutation and how it led her to start a sexy texting spree with Mr. L. Find out whether he is up for the challenge or whether life with Katherine scares the fuck out of him.

Krista and Katherine talk about texting and how easy it is to get your knickers in a twist when your partner doesn’t respond the way you want. What does it mean when he “takes too long to respond?” If you truly believed you were worthy would someone’s text response hurt you?

Do you get hurt by the stories you make up about other people’s texting patterns?

The gals discuss when they are the most vulnerable and when they are the most playful. Men, make sure to listen to find out if your woman has the same pattern!

 Find out what Krista missed out on this weekend, proving to herself that Golden Eyes doesn’t love her. Does he truly not love her or is she too busy looking for all the things he does “wrong” instead of looking for all the things he does “right?” The gals discuss how love can get tricky if one is always looking for validation that someone is going to “disappoint” them instead of looking for validation that someone is going to “surprise” them.

 Find out the extraordinary healing Katherine experienced through text. What did Mr. L say that had her system having a holy moment. 

Krista Kim
The Invisible Feminine

In episode 32, The gals discuss the disappearance of feminine energy in many partnerships and how divorce rates have soared to nearly 70%. The Gals are stepping out on a limb here and boldly suggesting that the divorce rate is due to the absence of the feminine.

Katherine suggests that because everyone is working (even stay at home mom’s have long lists of work to do), no one is holding the feminine energy in partnership anymore. Due to that, relationships have become a battle for resources, (time and money) and power between two masculine energies. While we fight, who is holding the spacious, energetic, patient and kind power of the feminine?

For those who are in the more masculine role in a working or stay at home arrangement, wouldn’t it be nice to come home from work welcomed by a joyful, dancing naked in the kitchen type of person rather than the cranky, bitch-ass, sweats wearing, mope? As both partners learn to honor the self-care needs and practices of the feminine, everyone can start living the life they’ve dreamed of! This is a good thing, right? So why does Krista joke that “We are all fucked?” Listen and find out.

Does the absence of the feminine sound like a joke or, as the gals ask, is it possibly THE First World Problem we are facing today?

As usual, Katherine and Krista are looking for the ultimate holy fuck! Listen as they dive into the mystery of “Where is the Invisible Feminine?” and wonder where the entry point is. The Gals decide not to beat around the bush… but perhaps, truer to themselves in their feminine energy, tickling around the bush is where this energy lies…

Krista Kim
V-Day Quickie

In this quickie episode, Katherine and Krista create the 2019 Valentine’s Day challenge: How much love can you give? 

Valentines Day is for everyone ya’ll not just the happily coupled lovers. K and K explore ways in which we can all take the pressure off and turn the sexy on (with or without a partner!) How can all of us spread more love even if we don’t have any sexy D or P on the dessert menu?

The gals share some of the good, the bad, and even some ugly from their past Valentine’s Days. Listen as Krista gets tongue-tied and Katherine gets thrown for a loop by an older woman. 

Are you willing to join the challenge and be more of a giver this year?

Don’t worry! You’ll get yours. (Besides, it’s fun switching positions.)

Krista Kim
Ep: 31 Power Coupling

Is sex the answer? 

In Episode 31, The gals explore whether sex is just a fuckfest or if it’s really the key to opening the door to your highest intelligence.

Krista and Katherine talk about the hot topic of sexual transmutation and what it takes to do the deed. Are you just spreading your seed to the wind or are you using your powerful sexual energies to tap into your genius and your ability to create?

They explore how to focus sexual energy to manifest success while NOT sacrificing  lots of hot and holy sex! Katherine is so fucking inspired by this topic that she’s figured out how to harness her sexy energy for creating, even while she’s single. Krista on the other hand, explores whether her and Golden Eyes will be able to transmute their motherfucking journey into genius.

The gals shift the emphasis from traditional male and female relationships (think husband and wife) to the masculine and feminine energies that show up in all types of partnerships. Tune in to find out the three vital components to this passionate entry point to your highest mind. Is this kind of sexual partnership the new think tank?

Find out how fostering your relationship with your lover can inspire your genius to new heights and how discarding the person who gave you the gift of sexual life force can be the undoing of your genius. 

Krista Kim
Ep: 30 Wet and Wild

Is it just us or is it gettin’ ‘Hot in Herre’? 

In episode 30, Katherine and Krista talk about sensuality versus sexuality and whether we have to have one to have the other. The gals explore all the ways sensuality enhances their experience of life and how the vulnerability of sharing themselves in this way is scary even though it’s the only sure fire way to experience deeper intimacy.  

Do you get turned on with red velvet and rose petals? Or are floggers and cuffs more your flavor? Trying to guess what someone will like can actually have us tripping over land mines. See which one Krista exposes.

The topic of how to turn up the heat for their men really get the gals wondering! They stumble onto a shared passion they have both previously provided for their men. And, Katherine weighs in on sensuality and the single life, keeping things hot and holy as always. 

Krista Kim
Ep: 29 Opening

In episode 29, The gals discuss why it feels like some men seem to have a magic wand to opening them and in other situations even a crowbar wouldn't do the trick!! Katherine and Krista talk about the 7 important male archetypes from the juicy book “Open Her,” by Karen Brody. They reflect on how men in their past relationships embodied certain archetypes creating a safe space to feel “open” to intimacy and sex, while with other men they found themselves clamping their legs together like a mouse trap!

This podcast is for you if you are a man who can’t seem to figure out why your woman is giving you the cold shoulder OR if you are a woman who can’t quite figure out why your va jay jay is sayin’ the no no!

Did someone say emotional masturbation? Well, Katherine did! Listen and find out why!

Is your man The Poet or The Dark Knight? The Director or the Sage? Explore these traits with the gals from Holy Fuck learn what it is that will open YOU to more sex, joy and intimacy. And buy this book! It’s a must read!

Krista Kim
Ep: 28 Pro-Creating With Spirit

Deciding between a new baby or a house remodel? Or maybe pondering the fulfillment of your life’s purpose? 

Well, in episode 28, Katherine and Krista reveal that they are deciding whether they want to have a baby. Well, maybe not an actual baby but making it sexy definitely makes it much more fun to contemplate and adds some juicy bits to the conversation! 

 How do you know what you want? Yes or No? Stay or Go? Argh… the waiting is the hardest part! Sometimes you just gotta’ stop and get out of your own way- ya know?

Krista and Katherine discuss their experiences in the pre-manifestation stage of pro-creation, connecting with what is truly meaningful rather than the idea of what you ‘Should’ do. 

 Each share their own powerful experiences and how this practice of Co-Creation changed the way they approach new projects. This way of being is about asking and listening, being in the question of what wants to be birthed, and bringing your heart’s desires from imagination to reality. 

And that is much more fun than choosing from “should” and then “trying” to get excited about it later. Like, have you ever dated someone you “should” like only to have it be a total bust? (You “should” want sex because you are super horny but Sex is definitely off the table because it feels like a chore?) Yeah, like that…

This is about receptivity. This is about listening. This is love in action and Spirit in motion. Something always comes. However, it’s usually NOT what you were THINKING about. Far from it… 

And since K and K created Holy Fuckthis way, this podcast has turned into an actual thing! Imagination to reality- fun, heartfelt, and exciting too! They had no idea what they were doing and yet, they are having fun and exploring this Spirit inspired adventure without a map. Everyday. 

Hold on to your hats. It’s a wild ride and definitely worth it. 

Krista Kim
Ep27 Part 2: Quickie Sesh! Healing After Betrayal

In this healing quickie, Katherine facilitates Krista through the fear that was triggered as her partner, once again, leaves town. As Krista replays the past, fear from an earlier betrayal threatens to derail her intention to be loving while he is away. 

In this session, Katherine and Krista demonstrate the process of self-forgiveness and the healing that is possible. This frees Krista and her partner to let go of an old pattern and stay connected across the time and space of his travels.

Krista Kim
Ep27 Part 1: Risky Business: Recommitting After Betrayal

In episode 27, Part 1, Krista’s past partner has the desire to recommit to her based on a life changing experience, and Krista realizes that full commitment from both is necessary. Krista explores an opportunity to reconnect after betrayal, allowing herself honesty, presence, clarity and intuition in order to take full responsibility for her experience. Katherine highlights some of the integral steps Krista took to be free to love again, as Krista re-evaluates the issues from the past relationship and what she needs in order to consider going for round 4! 

Krista shares the miraculous experience that resulted from healing and reconnection with her partner. After a brief reprieve, she is immediately faced with the next opportunity to heal and release her story in order to stay in love.

As they put the soap opera behind them, you’ll see what it takes for two commitment-phobes to fully reopen their hearts.

Krista Kim
Ep26: Fuck Letting Go

In episode 26, The gals lean in as last week’s episode on “letting go” begins to get real. Katherine’s commitment to letting go creates an opportunity for listeners to see her experience of anxiety and separation from Spirit as growing pains of her spiritual expansion. Katherine and Krista demonstrate what happens when “two or more are gathered” in this healing. They reference the story of the life of Jesus and his connection to Mary Magdalene as an example of spiritual healing and personal connection with God.

The gals also discuss the deeper context of the title “Holy Fuck.” It’s not just about sex but applying the “holy” perspective to the “fucking” challenges of everyday life. Katherine notices that her own father’s anxiety in his later years could possibly have been connected to his never having let go and therefore never having known there was a “universal net” that will always catch us when we leap. This is the faith part ya’ll.

Krista Kim
Ep25: LET GOd

In episode 25, the gals are excited for the potential of the New Year but realize that “letting go”  is essential to manifesting their dreams. How do you let go you might ask??? Well, the gals discuss their own opportunities and experiences, giving some guidelines to this somewhat elusive concept. They invite listeners to reflect on their own mis-beliefs, judgments, stories, and forgiveness opportunities as they take on letting go in their own lives. Learn the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono and how Katherine intends to use it.

In a previous episode Katherine honored and brought forgiveness to a past relationship. The story continues to unfold with a “serendipitous” reconnection after many years of estrangement from a past love. Who will this mystery man be?

Speaking of mystery men, through her own exploration of letting go, Krista reconnects with an important man from her past. Having done his own work he arrives on the scene available and ready to commit. Will she be able to let go of her past hurts and judgments?

Krista Kim
Ep24: Holy Fuck! It's The Holidays!

In episode 24, the gals MIGHT offer you the Top Ten Tips for a Happy Holiday, which you MIGHT be hoping would include excess and splurging in every direction. And yes, that often leads to lots of sex! (Some great, some regrettable!)

Instead, as the gals are prone to do, they are going to invite you to another holiday party plan. 

Whether you are single with older children (like Katherine and Krista), coupled, or with kids, recently widowed or have lost your parents this year (as Katherine has), the Gals are stepping into it in a new way and sharing their own journeys as a way to keep you from feeling alone, resentful and disconnected. Instead, you will get the opportunity to discover YOUR perfect holiday.

Listen to find out what the gals discover about staying in the party all the way, and making your holiday dreams come true. 

And, don’t worry. With this plan, you can still do all the things you love; eat, drink, be merry and have lots of sex ~ we just want you in the center of your own party while you are thoroughly enjoying yourself in every way. 

Krista Kim
Ep23: Slow the Fuck Down

In episode 23, Katherine and Krista open up the conversation of self-worth and how it relates to dating. Krista realizes her level of self-worth was creating a relationship with Rico Suave that matched her at the exact level at which she was valuing herself. Ouch! This helps her recognize why that iteration of the relationship needed to come to an end. As Krista’s checks in with her values and gets more clear on her worth, she immediately begins to create a different experience for herself in the dating world. During this exploration Katherine notices some differences between men and women that might also be a source of misunderstanding as all of this unfolds. What happens when Krista stays in her integrity? Will she get what she desires and can she even overcome her insecurities to actually receive it? Let’s just say her sexy, first date is the perfect opportunity for her to practice! 

Krista Kim
Ep22: Going To The Chapel

In episode 22, Katherine and Krista put their big girl panties on and discuss their fear around creating an empire and how expansion (and Facebook!) is challenging their sense of safety.  See how all their buttons are being pushed with regards to getting legal with the biz and taking themselves seriously as business women. How will two gals who are commitment-phobes deal with partnership? Find out as you hear about the gal’s first fight and how they moved through the misunderstanding to create an even more powerful, honest partnership. Katherine also shares Gay Hendrick’s theory called the 10 second sweaty conversation!

Krista Kim
Ep21: C'est La Morte

This episode might not be the sexiest but it’s definitely the most controversial. In episode 21, Katherine discusses the passing of her mother and the ways in which her mother affected her decision making in her first marriage. As the story twists and turns, Katherine has a huge awareness that she decides to share publicly for the first time. This is a very hot-button topic and it’s sure to raise some eyebrows, but the gals navigate it from the most authentic, soul-centered perspective, demonstrating how masterful they are at the skills of spiritual psychology. See how Katherine’s self-honoring choice regarding a past decision created shame that has been waiting 25 years to be healed. Observe how Krista invites Katherine into the process of self-forgiveness, creating a powerful, healing moment that frees Katherine from her hurtful, self-judgments.

Krista Kim
Ep20: Back On The Horse

Krista and Katherine are changing places in the open heart department as Katherine’s last few weeks have left her heart deeply open and Krista’s experiences have left her cold, cold, cold. But not cold enough to keep her from getting back on the horse! Noticing that there may be a sense of addiction in some of the Gals past love choices, Krista adopts the Way of the Ethical Slut and turns what could be a girl’s oxytocin nightmare into a balancing act with the most important rule yet. Her partner gets politely admonished not to “fall in love” and told that it’s all about the sex baby! Find out how this all plays out and best of all, find your own rules!

Krista Kim
Ep19: Messy Meltdown

In episode 19, the gals draw inspirtation from a touching poem by Christopher John Stubbs that speaks to men in a message of how to BE with their women during times of distress. As Katherine returns from an out of town visit with Mr. C, previously disclosed in last week’s episode “Long Distant Lovin', we will find out why this poem is the perfect fit. Find out if the skinny dipping and snuggling made for a sexy weekend or whether Katherine and Mr. C's plan to protect themselves put a wet blanket over the sizzle. Did Mr. C run or hold when Katherine’s “stuff” triggered her into a messy meltdown from the stories about "feeling ignored?" Do women really want men to save us from ourselves? Find out what the secret ingredient to connection was as Krista doesn't let Katherine escape the conversation without divulging the juicy deets!!!

Krista Kim
Ep18: Long Distance Lovin'

Mr. L and Mr. C enter the long distance running for capturing Katherine’s heart… or is it the other way around? From 1/2 way around the world to 1/2 way across the country, Katherine spreads her men out globally. Krista uncovers a hidden truth that is operating beneath the surface in Katherine’s long distant set up, pressing the issue with Katherine until Katherine admits her secret relationship strategy. Does Katherine want to have her cake and eat it too? Are the stories she is making up in her head allowing the cake to be a tasty one? Listen and find out!

Krista Kim
Ep17: Past Lives Present Drama

This is gonna get woo woo! Krista is a grown, ass woman so how come she is struggling so much with neediness and physical longing?  In today’s episode of the Holy Fuck Soap Opera, 8 weeks have passed after the break up, and Krista discusses how her and Rico Suave got assistance from a past life counselor to heal the energetic ties and past life karma that have been preventing them from gaining closure on their relationship. Katherine also talks about experiencing grief after discovering her past life experience and lineage. Even if you are skeptical of past lives, there is much to consider about how mysterious tethers between two people can sometimes make breakups complicated. 

Krista Kim
Ep16: Fuck My Feelings

Episode 16 takes place two weeks after the “Not So Happy Ending” episode. In this episode Krista discusses falling off her spiritual pedestal into the depths of pain, loss, anger and grief. The dark days pushed Krista to the edge causing her to seek some support. Stay tuned to find out how Katherine and Krista  worked the spiritual process to bring Krista back into her loving and her power.

Krista Kim